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NEW! Try the new tma OnDemand Software!

NEW! Try the new tma OnDemand Software!

Administer training catalog

With tma OnDemand you can administer your training catalog. Thereby you define the training topics you offer. This data is the basis for all of your planned classes and each participant you register.

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Topic management

Deposit with tma OnDemand a detailed description of the training you offer. Thereby you can enter amongst others the following information:

  • Trainingcode
  • Description
  • Target audience
  • Targets
  • Contents
  • Method
  • Prerequisites
  • Duration
  • Min / Max ParticipantsTrainingcode

Additionally topics are structured through training categories. This helps you while building a comprehensive training catalog..

Class management

The Default values you defined within the training topic support you when you create a new class in tma OnDemand.

Fee and cost management

For each training topic you can define the standard participant fees and the expected trainer costs.

Online training catalog

tma OnDemand provides the necessary basis fort he integration of the training catalog data in an online catalog.


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