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tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

The Functions - Configuration

tma was designed for the management of very large volumes of data in the sphere of training management. The application therefore offers a large number of configuration options for providers, locations, categories, user groups, customer organizations, etc. The master data are managed in the simplest way possible, within the tma Viewer itself.

View of master data "Employee"

System users can define multiple user groups with dedicated entitlements and responsibilities. The users are also assigned to the locations and categories (e.g. computer, language, etc.) processed by them. This facilitates clarity by reducing the volume of displayed data, and also enhances data security.

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Specific user groups can be assigned dedicated processing entitlements for the processing of master data. Maintenance of the data does not therefore become the task of a single administrator, but can be assigned to the departments concerned. The editing mode does not differ from the basic operating mode in tma, and is therefore supported by special tools.

The following master data are managed directly within the tma Viewer:

  • Providers
  • Training catalogue (areas, categories, subjects)
  • Locations, buildings, rooms
  • Equipment (categories, equipment)
  • Catering
  • Employees (including entitlements)
  • Customers, suppliers, trainers, etc.


View of master data "Training topic"

The planning of classes represents a key element in the use of tma, and a wide range of functions are therefore provided.

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