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tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

tma Enterprise

Changing and growing requirements for a training management system for use in basic and further training resulted in a need for a database system. This system was to permit full execution of all work procedures within the planning and creation of training measures, and to enable training measures delivered at multiple locations and by multiple providers to be processed.

tma makes the required data available in a clear form to each user according to location, category, etc., and maps the training administration procedures by means of the integrated workflow.

In order to assure that the data are fully integrated and consistent, all systems employed had to be linked. The user was to be provided with a system which enables all work procedures to be processed from within a single application, and which thus simplifies the recording and management of data. At the same time, consideration was to be given to different user profiles, and the processing status of the data was to be displayed transparently in a comprehensible fashion.

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