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tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

tma - developed by ConnectUs EDV-Beratung GmbH

tma Concept - The Software for Training Control


Precise training control
Staff training

tma clearly depicts the status of training and further education for both team leaders and staff. Which seminars have already been attended? Which seminars are currently being planned? Which seminars are to be taken in future? tma answers these questions directly by virtue of its transparent structure.

Planning personal training

The interplay of personnel department, training centre, management and the individual employee in planning further education individually is supported optimally by tma.



Data relevant to teams and groups are efficiently administered by tma and prepared in accordance with team-oriented requirements.

tma also provides a multitude of functions for compiling reports and statistics. Additional evaluations can be integrated or tied in easily via other tools.


The tma online connection via intranet or internet enables instantaneous updates on what Training and Education is currently offering. Bookings can be made immediately online. The current status of all seminar registrations can be called up in real time.

Proceed with administering seminars...