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NEW! Try the new tma OnDemand Software!

NEW! Try the new tma OnDemand Software!

tma OnDemand

With tma OnDemand we followed the demand of our customers for a slim version of the successful tma system and developed on the platform of a new training management system.

No installation

The tma OnDemand software doesnít need to be installed, run and maintained on your own server within your company. It is rather provided by the servers of and can be used with the help of a normal web browser. This allows you worldwide access on your tma OnDemand version. Of course you receive your own instance of the software, so that only you have access to your data.

Rent instead of buying

But thatís not the only advantage you benefit from using the tma OnDemand software. You donít buy the software, but rent it for the time period you need it. This also means less implementation- and operating costs, since you donít have high capital spendings on the licensing of software and hardware. Of course you also minimize the risk of high investment, in case our tma OnDemand application doesnít meet your requirements. 

Simple update

Your user fee includes of course necessary improvements of the software (so called bug fixes). Furthermore the update procedure of the software is extremely simplified through the central servers, since an installation on site within your company is not necessary.